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Doctor Umar bin Irfan, MD.

Umar bin Irfan is a general practitioner from Malaysia who has taken his medical practice beyond the limits of his office and created his own website devoted to problems in men’s sexual health. Even though he started to embody his idea having only a few devoted people, now he has a real team of professionals who strive to make their website useful for every visitor.

Umar bin Irfan was born in 1983 in Kuala Lumpur. Since his young years, he decided that his main goal was to become a doctor and in 2001, he succeeded to become a student of one of the most prestigious medical universities in Malaysia – International Medical University.

Thanks to his good results in studies and participation in various student programs, Umar bin Irfan was able to spend a year studying at the Queen Mary University of London as a part of student exchange program with the IMU in Kuala Lumpur.

After 6 years of studying, doctor Umar bin Irfan spent 3 years working at the University Malaya Medical Center and then continued his practice at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Five years spent in this medical establishment showed doctor bin Irfan that he couldn’t do more than his post would let him. That’s why he started developing his idea of “medical help available to everyone” online.

He was looking for a place to start with and social networks turned out to be of great help to him. Doctor Umar created accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram where he shared his knowledge of male health.

The topic appeared to be interesting to the readers as the number of his followers grew quite fast. In half a year, more than 1,000 people were his regular readers. Seeing the number of questions they wrote in the comments, doctor Umar decided that there came time for starting his own website.

Together with some like-minded people, Dr. bin Ifran started “his life’s work”, as he himself alludes to it. Soon the website was filled with interesting and useful information concerning problems with erection, ejaculation problems, and fertility in men. Yet, the description and explanation of the diseases couldn’t help men deal with them. That’s why doctor Umar also gave advice on how to avoid and manage the conditions.

Now Dr. bin Ifran runs the work of the website and is the brain power for all of his team. However, doctor Umar doesn’t stop his development as a medical specialist. He is a frequent visitor to the medical conferences held in Asia and Europe. His example inspires doctors who only start their medical career.

Doctor Umar bin Irfan is not only a doctor, a blogger and website author, he is also a loving husband and a father to his three sons.


You can write Dr. Umar bin Irfan via online form. Please, remember that the doctor can’t establish a diagnosis and prescribe the treatment online. Unfortunately, because of the lack of time, doctor Umar can’t answer all of your emails, but you can be sure that he will address questions asked in them in materials published on the website in future.