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What is erectile dysfunction and why does it appear?

Male inability to get or sustain an erection, which would be enough for performing sexual intercourse, is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. According to the study conducted in 2003, the prevalence of ED among Singaporean men aged 30 and above is 51.3%. 42.8% of males in their forties face ED, whereas the figure for those who have crossed a 60-year-old barrier is 77.4%.

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Our website has collected an essence on all the aspects of erectile dysfunction and its treatment for you to be able to find everything in one place.

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Viagra online in Singapore

Viagra is a perfect drug for men who don’t have a regular sexual partner or whose intimate life is not very active as the pill should be taken only when you plan to have sex. Sildenafil is a generic drug, which is an analog for Viagra by Pfizer.

The remedy is available in the form of film-coated tablets, capsules, oral jelly, topical cream, oral spray, and injections. Depending on the form, you can purchase Viagra 25mg, 50mg or 100mg (pills, capsules), 50mg and 100mg (oral jelly), 3mg/g (topical cream), 12.5mg/dose (oral spray). There is also the so-called female Viagra, which is used for improving the women’s response to sexual stimulation and bettering the quality of intercourse on the whole.

Cialis online in Singapore

Cialis is a unique remedy for ED as it may be taken daily or once in three days. The latter option is possible due to 36 hours of the drug’s action. As such, it can return the spontaneity of sexual relations to your life.

Tadalafil is generic toCialis manufactured by Elly Lily company. It is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg doses. The preparation is available in the forms of film-coated pills, capsules, oral spray, and oral jelly. There is also a special female form of generic Tadalafil.

Levitra online in Singapore. What are its benefits?

Levitra is known for its fast onset of action. Only 15-25 minutes are needed for the drug to start working. So, unforeseen sex is not a problem for men with ED anymore.

Vardenafil, which is a generic of Levitra by Bayer, may be purchased in the following strengths: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. The drug is available in the form of tablets, capsules and oral jelly. Insofar, there’re no Vardenafil tablets for women.

Avanafil online in Singapore

Avanafil is one of the newest PDE-5 inhibitors on the pharmaceutical market. It is commonly known under the brand name Stendra. The peculiarity of this drug is that two-thirds of the patients taking it can get an already erection in 15 minutes. Its effect can last up to 6 hours.

The medication is available in three dosages: 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg. As of now, Avanafil is manufactured in the form of pills only.

Priligy online in Singapore

Priligy, which has dapoxetine as an active ingredient, is a drug aimed at treatment of premature ejaculation. It helps to delay the ejaculation by increasing the sense of control over the process. The drug is recommended to be taken 1-3 hours before sexual activity.

Priligy is applied in two doses: 30mg and 60mg. The preparation may be bought only as a pill. However, combined with sildenafil, it is also available in other forms.


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